Technical College in Bjelovar

Mission and Vision

Mission and vision


Mission of the Technical College in Bjelovar is the training of competent professional personnel in the area of technical and biomedical sciences for the needs of the economy, healthcare system and other subjects oriented towards the continental regions of the Republic of Croatia. Technical College in Bjelovar implements continual education a s well as knowledge and skills improvement of students and human resources through realization of professional and specialist programmes of study, lifelong learning programmes and direct cooperation with the business sector. Technical College in Bjelovar monitors, adopts and applies scientific and professional knowledge by implementing them into the programmes of study, stimulating the competences of the professional staff in the practice. Furthermore, Technical College in Bjelovar cooperates with related higher education and medical institutions, as well as companies in Croatia and abroad, with the possibility of exchanging students and teachers and improving knowledge, practice and skills. Continual growth and quality monitoring as well as competitiveness constitute the important and long-term elements of the institution’s development.

Vision of the Technical College in Bjelovar is to be a recognizable, influential and leading factor in the development of human, technical, technological, economic and social potential of the region. As a center of partner and cooperative gathering at the local, regional and cross-border level, Technical College in Bjelovar implements quality and efficient education based on learning outcomes and the lifelong learning concept. Through active cooperation with economic subjects and social community as well as through its involvement in the domestic and foreign educational and scientific area, Technical College in Bjelovar shall demonstrate its private and public responsibility, contributing to the improvement and innovations of existing processes and products as well as to the development of the region. It shall encourage mobility and development of entrepreneurial ideas of graduates and talented experts ready for independent and creative work. The flexibility of studies and adoption of new educational programmes for the purpose of maintaining the economic development and improving the healthcare profession shall remain the basic feature of the Technical College in Bjelovar.

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