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Dean of Technical College in Bjelovar

Ante Čikić, PhD, Assistant Professor




Dear students of the Technical College in Bjelovar,
I am pleased that you have decided to continue your education at the Technical College in Bjelovar, which obliges me and my co-workers to continue working on development of study programs, material and technical conditions and student standard for the purpose of assuring higher education quality at our institution, your satisfaction and success.
Study programs that you enrolled have been shaped thanks to continual and thorough activities of our teachers, associates, economists and alumni, who have worked intensively on adjusting the study programs to modern education requirements and compatible standard programs in European countries.
Our teachers’ constant professional and scientific development and permanent evaluation of their work in teaching assure the quality of our study programs and provide you with the opportunity to pursue your studies successfully, develop further and become competitive on the market.
Technical College in Bjelovar is a young institution, which is an advantage both for us and for you, because we invest all of our energy in development and rapid progress, as we implement contemporary teaching methods in lectures and practical sessions, being connected with practice in economic subjects and hospital centers.
We have implemented the Quality Assurance System, acquired the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, and we have normatively, technically and organizationally arranged the Technical College in Bjelovar according to students’ needs, development of your ideas, work habits, knowledge acquisition and useful and applicable skills. We have prepared the extremely demanding Development Strategy of the Technical College in Bjelovar 2012 – 2016, in which our students were involved as well. We regularly refresh and upgrade our curricula with scientific knowledge and new elective courses. Our classrooms and laboratories are more and more equipped, which provides our students with the opportunity to acquire contemporary knowledge and skills.
The institution’s development has encouraged more active activities of students organized in the Student Council. As students are becoming more present and louder, student initiatives are becoming clearer and more recognizable. Students are active participants in the institution’s development, and the management of the Technical College in Bjelovar achieves a direct and open communication with students.
We cannot promise you an easy study program, but we are going to provide you with spatial, material and technical conditions, professional assistance from teachers and support from non-teaching staff. It is necessary that you study continually, pragmatically and purposefully. Become active participants in classes, ask questions and seek answers. We will help you to progress and achieve results based on studying and committed work. Your results will, as a rule, go along with your efforts, and our task is to provide you with conditions required for full achievement of your surely large wishes and realization of your potentials.
I am sure that the chosen study program will bring you a lot of pleasure, success and happiness in life.
Ante Čikić, PhD, College Professor

HomepageDean › Dean of Technical College in Bjelovar
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